The Best Carbohydrate Supplement For Weight Gainers!!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

High Branched Cyclic-Dextrin Carbs by MyProtein

This is an image of a carbohydrate supplement by the brand MyProtein which really helps people who are having difficulty gaining weight and muscle

This Supplement by the brand MyProtein is one the best Carbohydrate supplements on the market right now. Carbohydrates are a key source of energy for your body, making this supplement 100% Cyclic-Dextrin Carbs which is ideal for keeping you topped up, fuelled, energised and ready to achieve your training goals.This supplement works extremely well for people who are looking to add a source of high quality carbohydrates with their protein supplement in Post-Workout shake and are also looking to gain weight, lean muscle and mass. The reason this can help with weight gain and muscles is because if the carbohydrate supplement is added into your diet and post-workout shake with protein it enhance muscle fullness and muscle recovery. Therefore causes the muscles to get energised and recovered more and reduces damaged muscle fibres that occur during your workout making you ready to Smash your next one with more energy!

What are Cyclic-Dextrin Carbs?

Highly-branched Cyclic-Dextrin carbs are a soluble form of carbohydrate that’s perfect pre- and post-workout — powering your training and refuelling you after.

Carbohydrates also help to support the recovery of your muscles after exercise and giving them energy and fullness, making this 100% Cyclic-Dextrin Carbs supplement a popular post-workout supplement.

Key Benefits

  • Fuels your training - Which helps you to have a better workout

  • Supports post-workout recovery and muscle fullness

  • Highly-soluble carbs - Easy to mix in with anything that you want to

  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and for people with gluten allergy

What we Recommend

In order to achieve the best results out of this supplement we recommend that you Mix ½ scoop (25g) with 150-250ml water in a shaker before and/or after exercise preferably with a high quality source of protein which you can check out on another blog we have made.

What are the Cons of This Product

One of the cons of this product is that it unfortunately doesn't come in any flavours and doesn't have the best taste which is why we recommend that you mix this with a protein supplement which will enhance flavour, taste, texture and increase your protein intake as well. Another con of this product is that it unfortunately isn't suitable for people who are Lactose intolerant as there may contain milk and soy in this product.

If you would like to purchase this product then be sure to hit the Link Below!!

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