Increase Your Upper Body and Core Muscle Strength!!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

TZS Push Up Board Fitness with Color-Coded Push up Handles, Press Up Board Home Gym and Home Exercise Equipment Build Body, Portable Bracket Board with Resistance Bands for Men Women Fitness Training

What is this Equipment?

This is a newly Push up Board System that is combined with resistance bands & press-up board. Therefore this allow you to have a Home Gym in a room & backyard.

This Multi Gym Equipment allows you train different parts of the muscles in body e.g. legs and arms, chest, Abdominal area, this equipment is also suitable for everybody.

Why You Need This Product!

During a time that we're living through right now Gyms and places to exercise aren't guaranteed or either aren't available due to restrictions which is why having an all round piece of equipment to use for exercise is essential. This product will help keep you in shape and increase your strength during these tough times therefore it's extremely important to have this at your disposal.

Benefits of This Product:

  • Extremely easy to use no complicated way of using it and has specific colour codes for a specific body part (Read the Instruction Manual)

  • Doesn't take up a large area of space therefore can be used anywhere whether that's indoors or outdoors, whatever you prefer

  • Extremely compatible and very lightweight isn't extremely heavy and therefore can be taken anywhere with you

  • It maximising your training agility and upper body strength and has up to 20 Different methods of training exercises!!

  • Works on your weaknesses in specific muscle group areas

  • comes with additional equipment therefore making this an essential fitness equipment that you absolutely need!

Package includes:

1x press-up board

2x Non-slip Rubber Push Ups Handles

2x Fitness Bands

1x Push up pro User Guide & 100% Customer Service

2*7x Anti-Slip Gasket

If You Would Like to Purchase this product Hit the Link Below!!

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